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CERC Oil Tank Removal Vancouver


Homeowners who have an old oil tank on their property may be facing a problem when they decide to have it removed.  Not only can old oil tanks leach dangerous chemicals into the ground but homeowners may find that there are many government regulations surrounding old oil tank removal. Vancouver in particular, has very strict regulations around remediation, contaminated soil clean up, and removal of oil tanks, whether they are leaking into the ground or not. For oil tank removal in Vancouver and surrounding areas, we help homeowners navigate the difficulties regarding this process and comply with all regulations.

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Why is proper oil tank removal in Vancouver important?


People live in Vancouver for a variety of reasons, but all residents have one thing in common:  they love the beauty and freedom of this great city.  More than 600,000 people live in the greater Vancouver area, enjoying not only the balmy weather and winter sports but also the vibrant and eclectic arts and entertainment scene.

Vancouver is not just a great place to call home; it is also one of the greenest cities in the world.  The City of Vancouver promotes strict enforcement of environmental regulations that make this city safe and clean for all its inhabitants.  Vancouver has a reputation for being one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world, so very strict standards are in place regarding potential oil tank leaks that could threaten the environment.

Because Vancouver has such strict standards when it comes to oil tanks and how they must be removed, this is no job for an amateur.  It is very important to have a professional help when removing an old oil tank, not only to be sure the job is done right, but to prevent contamination of groundwater and soil.  CERC Oil Tank Removal has been a leading expert in underground heating oil tank removal and remediation for many years and can help homeowners who are facing this daunting task to be sure they are in compliance with all regulations and remove their old oil tanks correctly.


Are there liability issues relating to contaminated soil remediation and oil tank removal in Vancouver?


While it is important to consider the environmental implications of an old oil tank, it is also important to comply with all government guidelines and regulations.  Failure to do so while attempting an oil tank removal can result in terrible expense and delays.

All areas of Vancouver require certain permits and other paperwork to be completed, but there is little continuity between the various suburbs of Vancouver and the requirements.  Bylaws for each area differ, so it is crucial to ensure that homeowners are following all the steps necessary to ensure a smooth and safe removal that complies with the government standards.  Further, it helps to know some of the “secrets” surrounding tank removal by hiring a professional like CERC Oil Tank Removal with years of experience.

For example, West Vancouver requires a permit from City Hall that is notoriously expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars.  The Greater Vancouver area, however, issues the same permit at about half the cost.  Most West Vancouver homeowners would have no way of knowing this, but a professional from CERC can help them understand the options and choose the right way to secure the permit.

If homeowners fail to meet all the bylaws and standards, they could find themselves in for some hefty fines and even a lawsuit.  One homeowner in 2008 sued the former homeowner because the ground was contaminated with oil prior to his purchase of the house.  The new owner demanded $160,000 in damages due to alleged corruption of the environment by the old oil tank and the necessity for expensive work to be done to remove the contamination.

It is critical that homeowners do not attempt to remediate or remove their oil tank in Vancouver without the right help and guidance. We are ready to help homeowners make sense of this oil tank removal, and site clean up and contaminated soil remediation requirements.

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Do I have to remove an old oil tank if I’m keeping the property?


Even if you are keeping the property, it may be a good idea to remove the tank in order to prevent corrosion, leaks and other problems.  Not only can this jeopardize a future sale of your property but it can also cause you to wind up with hefty fines and citations.


How can I choose the best oil tank removal company in Vancouver and surrounding areas?


Clearly, removing an oil tank is not a simple job.  However, we have been able to lower the cost of tank removal for many customers.  In fact, CERC Oil Tank Removal has been able to save homeowners money over other methods simply because our company has the experience to get permits quickly, dispose of the tank properly and clean up the soil for far less cost than an individual can usually manage.

We offers free assessments when customers call 604-889-0251 and ask for a free quote.  CERC Oil Tank Removal will determine the tank’s location and give an estimate that will help homeowners make an informed decision.

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