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    • Oil Tank Removal Surrey

      CERC Oil Tanks Removal Specializes in Environmentally Friendly Residential and Commercial Oil Tank Removal in Coquitlam, Surrey, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster & All areas of Metro Vancouver. Our Range of services: Supply, Installation, Servicing & Repairs Domestic Single Skin Oil Tanks Bunded Oil …Read More »
    • Oil Tank Removal New Westminster

      CERC Oil Tank Removal New Westminster   New Westminster, is the oldest city in western Canada, and is also known as the “Royal City”. To prevent the leakage of hazardous materials in this heritage-filled municipality, Advantage Waste Specialties has been servicing homes built between the 1920s and 1960s in New …Read More »
    • How to Remove an Oil Tank

      There are some apparent misconceptions about what a tank removal contractor should and shouldn't do. Being armed with the right knowledge will give you the upper hand when choosing the right contractor in a first place. Which is exactly why I decided to create this post and guide you through …Read More »
    • Heavy Rainfall in Burnaby May Cause Oil Spills

      Burnaby residents are warned to keep an eye out on their oil tanks this years as this rainfall is likely to cause an increase in oil slicks in their back yards. Oil tank removal experts can attest to the increase in number of oil spills every spring as the amount …Read More »
    • When Inheritance Means Bankruptcy

      As municipal by-laws change, certain residents in Vancouver area that were lucky to inherit a property, may suddenly find themselves filing for a bankruptcy. This is a scenario that almost reads like a bad movie; four years ago some municipalities in Vancouver adopted new bylaws in a bid to reduce …Read More »
    • Is Your Property Hiding A Ticking Time Bomb?

      If you’ve checked your underground oil tank for corrosion or leaks recently, you may be lulled into a false sense of security thinking everything is OK. As it turns out, the rusting process of an oil tank can be suddenly be sped up after the accumulation of acidic compounds reaches …Read More »
    • Removing Oil Tanks & Vancouver By-Laws

      It’s crucial to make sure you’re not violating any bylaws when removing your oil tank from your property. For example, in West Vancouver there are more steps you need to follow than any other area of Vancouver. In fact, West Vancouver requires a permit from City Hall which on its …Read More »
    • Avoiding Hidden Oil Tank Removal Charges

      Oil tank removal in Vancouver can carry hidden costs that can be quite steep, depending on the municipality where you reside. Most municipalities will require you to obtain a permit that costs hundreds of dollars, and you will often be given a choice of obtaining it yourself or, in cases …Read More »
    • How To Find An Underground Oil Tank

      Any home built prior to 1975 should be suspected in having an underground oil tank. There are several clues that may tell you if you have one and where it’s located Fill Pipe This is a 2 inch steel pipe used to supply the tank with oil, and it normally …Read More »