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Burnaby residents are warned to keep an eye out on their oil tanks this years as this rainfall is likely to cause an increase in oil slicks in their back yards. Oil tank removal experts can attest to the increase in number of oil spills every spring as the amount of rainfall increases.

OK, so basically this is what happens – every spring Burnaby and surrounding areas get doused with rain which in turn saturates the soil. As the water enters an oil tank, the oil within gets pushed to the surface causing an increased exposure and all kinds of health problems with people with Asthma or chemical sensitivities.

Some USTs (underground storage tanks) may have already sprung invisible leaks and have been releasing fuel into the soil for a year or longer. Heavy rainfall is known to cause these tiny leaks to become very apparent as the oil gets pushed to the surface.

The smell alone can be quite overpowering – right to the point where property owners as far as few houses down the block often end up calling a fire department as they try to figure out the source of the smell.

In a video interview on this page we explain why placing a tarp over the contaminated area doesn’t prevent the oil from surfacing, and also provide several tips on how to minimize exposure.

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In the same video you may discover that Burnaby residents may be affected with the climate of changing by-laws across the Lower Mainland. For example, as previously reported on this blog, a number of municipalities across lower mainland have already made the expensive soil testing mandatory.

Burnaby is presently not on the list of municipalities that has made this testing a requirement, but as the laws continue to change, it’s feasible that homeowners may be looking at this year as the last time USTs were removed at a lower cost.