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How to find an underground oil tankAny home built prior to 1975 should be suspected in having an underground oil tank. There are several clues that may tell you if you have one and where it’s located

Fill Pipe

This is a 2 inch steel pipe used to supply the tank with oil, and it normally has a cap on it. This pipe will be found sticking out of the ground 4-6 inches and will be in a close proximity of the tank itself. Look for the pipe 6-12 feet from the foundation.

Vent Pipe

This is a 1 inch steel pipe that sits next to the house foundation. As its name suggests, it’s a pipe that provides ventilation, allowing the pressure inside oil tank to remain the same as the outside. This pipe is usually 7-8 feet in length and has a small cap on top of it as well.

Two copper tubes in the basement.

Typically you will find two ¼ copper tubes cut off in the furnace area. These were used to supply the furnace with the oil from the tank, and will point you to a direction where the tank may be buried in your yard

Unfortunately, all too often these clues will have been removed by previous homeowners. If that is the case with you, in order to find if you still have a buried oil tank, as well as its location, you should consider hiring a company that has the required tools to scan the property for confirmation.