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Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation Services

Vancouver residents who are considering selling a home 2 may not realize that they are facing a large and potentially expensive issue: oil tank removal. Heating oil tank removal in Vancouver has become one of the most misunderstood and confusing issues for anyone about to sell an older home. CERC Oil Tank Removal can help homeowners deal with this problem before the home is sold.

How to Identify An Underground Tank?

An underground heating oil tank removal in progress by CERC Oil Tank RemovalBefore you decide if you need underground heating oil tank removal, it is important to know if you even have an underground tank Since these tanks are located beneath the yard’s surface, it is impossible to see them, so you must look for clues. Here are a few notes about how to find out if you have an underground oil tank on your property:

  • Any home built before 1975 may have an underground tank.
  • A fill pipe will usually be sticking out of the ground four to six inches above the surface near the tank itself. These pipes are usually located about six to twelve feet from the foundation and are around two inches in diameter. In most cases, this pipe will be capped.
  • A vent pipe is a one-inch steel pipe that sits near the foundation of the house. It provides ventilation, normalizing the pressure in the tank. It is often capped and is usually seven to eight feet in length.
  • Go down to the basement and look for two copper tubes. They will be ¼ tubes in the furnace area and were used to supply the furnace with oil from the tank. Following these tubes may help you determine where the tank is located.

CERC Oil Tank Removal provides high quality underground heating oil removal for Vancouver. However, you must also remember that there are no guarantees that a previous homeowner did not remove some or all of these signs. If you suspect there may be an underground heating oil tank buried on the property, the best thing to do is ask an expert to come and look at your home to make a determination. CERC Oil Tank Removal is happy to help homeowners discover if there is a need for tank removal.

Do I Have To Remove My Oil Tank?


Underground soil contamination is a major reason many homeowners remove underground heating oil tanks in Vancouver. Old oil tank removal in Vancouver is required if you are going to sell your home. Because it is such an important part of the home’s sale process, it is crucial that you find a professional who can safely and effectively remove your home’s old underground tank system.

If you are wondering why you have to remove the tank, think about the environmental implications. Old oil tanks contain air, which contains moisture. The tank’s position underground provides a cool environment in which this moisture condenses, dripping down the walls of the tank and leading to corrosion. This can, over time, lead to the production of hydrogen gas which creates acids that eat away at the tank until oil begins to seep out into the groundwater and soil.


CERC Oil Tank Underground Tank Removal


The Canadian Government publishes guidelines on the right way to approach underground oil ank removal. The crews at CERC Tank Removal respect homeowner property and follow the approved guidelines when removing any oil tank.

First, the crews assess the job and carefully remove any remaining oil from the tank. It is important that this be done properly to minimize the chance of any leaks into the surrounding soil or water.

A CERC Oil Tank Removal uses a machine to excavate an underground heating oil tank in VancouverNext, the CERC Oil Tank Removal crew hand – digs or machine excavates the tank carefully, paying attention to any potential problems or leaks. Once the tank is above ground, the crews remove it to a safe storage facility where it is cleaned, cut and scrapped for metal while complying with all environment regulations and standards. After the tank is removed, the crews backfill and compact the hole. It is important to do this properly so that sinkholes do not develop. The crew then covers the area with sod or other ground cover,leaving it neat and presentable. The homeowner earns a Decommissioning Certificate that can be used as proof that the oil tank has been removed from the property if the homeowner later decides to sell.

Excavation reveals an underground heating oil tank in VancouverSeveral Vancouver residents have recently discovered underground oil tanks on the properties they inherited which led to unexpected removal expense. The best thing you can do is to have your underground heating oil tank removed as soon as you realize it is here, thereby saving yourself or your family many hours of future frustration and large costs. CERC Oil Tank Removal employs experts in oil tank handling. CERC can help you lower underground oil tank removal cost in Vancouver while still complying with all regulations and bylaws.

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