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An Old Fuel Tank can Cause Major Damage

Demonstration of Oil Tank Removal Burnaby in ProgressFor more than six decades, homes in Burnaby have used underground oil tanks to store fuel. Because many homeowners have made the change to more environmentally friendly forms of home heating such as propane and electric, oil tank removal in Burnaby is a pressing issue. The potential environmental damage that older tanks could leak oil into the ground that surrounds them is the major reason that these tanks are gaining a lot of attention these days. In certain homes, the owner could want to just replace their old and deteriorating underground tank with a modern tank that is set above ground, which is safer.

Demonstration of Oil Tank Removal Burnaby in ProgressThese underground oil tanks were not constructed to last for over thirty years, so nowadays in Burnaby, removing underground tanks has become an urgent problem for some homeowners. Eventually these tanks all begin to break down and degenerate, and then the soil around them becomes toxic due to oil leaks. There are now a lot of homeowners in Burnaby that now have a pressing issue that requires prompt removal of their oil tank.

Demonstration of Oil Tank Removal Burnaby in ProgressRusting underground tanks and poorly maintained or defective heating systems are the main source of fuel oil leaks and spills. These issues can result in severe environmental damages and high remediation costs for homeowners or Properties Management.


Removing the Tank is Mandatory and it’s cost-effective:

Demonstration of Oil Tank Removal Burnaby in Progress #1Thousands of dollars could be saved in an Oil Tank Removal Burnaby operation. Since a home’s foundation could be damaged, cleaning an affected site could be from 10 to 250 thousand dollars, but to remove an old oil tank only runs somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000.

Demonstration of Oil Tank Removal Burnaby in ProgressYour home insurance costs could also go down because of the tank removal. With every passing year, the tank is more compromised; in response to this fact, a close inspection by the insurance provider will be completed before they issue a policy to the homeowner. Unless the aging oil tanks are removed, there are thousands of homeowners that will very soon no longer qualify for a home insurance policy. For people who can actually get home insurance with an aging tank, their premiums will usually be 3 or 4 times higher than they were paying previously.

Demonstration of Oil Tank Removal Burnaby in ProgressThere won’t be any issues with selling an older house. Before putting a house up for sale, have an inspection done on either your underground, or your above ground fuel tank. Once the tank is removed from the property, any potential future hazards will be avoided, and the previous seller will have no possible liability.


Fuel Oil Tanks Removals and Pump Outs

Whatever situation you may have found yourself in… we’ve got a solution!

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