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Oil Tank Removal in West Vancouver 


Until the 1960s, most homes in Vancouver used oil burning furnaces to fuel their home. These furnaces were often attached to oil tanks that were stored underground. Vancouver eventually transitioned to gas furnaces and these oil tanks were either removed or decommissioned. However, many decommissioned oil tanks did not have all of their oil removed and are still dwelling, to this day, in West Vancouverite’s backyards. Over time, these oil tanks have started to leak oil and have created hazardous conditions for the environment. Because of this, it is advised by the city of Vancouver to have any oil tanks found on your property safely removed in order to preserve the soil and groundwater.




How to remove oil tank in West Vancouver


The process of oil tank removal in West Vancouver begins with having your property surveyed by an environmental consultant. That, or check with the West Vancouver Fire and Rescue to see if there are any reports pertaining to your property. However, report records only go up until 2017, so we would still recommend hiring an environmental consultant if you don’t find your property listed and are still concerned.

Once the presence of an oil tank has been confirmed through a report or through the help of an environmental consultant, you will need to file for a permit as well as hire an environmental consultant or engineer to assist with your oil tank removal in West Vancouver. We can help with that! When the tank is removed, it’s important to have soil samples done to confirm that there are no biohazards left.

It’s important to keep all records of the oil tank removal on hand in case you decide to sell your property.



West Vancouver Oil Tank Removal Specialist

We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded oil tank removal service based in Vancouver with an outstanding reputation and plenty of five-star reviews on Google. We’ve been in business for over thirty years and are respected by numerous realtor firms and insurance companies. It is our pleasure to tidy up the west shore and make Vancouver a cleaner, more hospitable place to live. For safe and reliable oil tank removal in West Vancouver, locals can put their trust in CERC.

West Vancouver Oil Tank Removal



Fabio and his team at CERC Oil Tank Removal are amazing. Always efficient, quick and professional with every job they do. We’ve used them for years in West Vancouver and highly recommend their services.
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I would recommend CERC’s services for tank removal in a heartbeat. The crew that came out to do the work was fantastic, courteous, professional and accommodating. They put me at ease and I felt that we had definitely made the right choice.
-Judith Wong
The service is excellent and I would recommend them to anyone who requires an oil tank scan and/or removal.
-Jack Dempsey, Remax Real Estate Vancouver
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Regulations for oil tank removal

Here we have compiled links to B.C. city portal sites with information on B.C. regulations and specific city regulations for British Columbia, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, West Vancouver, and Surrey. Recommended reading. Stay informed and adhere to standards when planning for oil tank removal.

CERC Oil Tank Removal in West Vancouver