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CERC Oil Tank Removal Port Moody

Can I Have My Oil Tank Removed in Port Moody?

If you have an old underground oil tank on your property that you are not using, you could be facing serious issues. Oil tanks can leak dangerous chemicals into the ground water, prompting many homeowners to remove them. However, these homeowners must still abide by government and environmental regulations. When you need proper oil tank removal in Port Moody, CERC Oil Tank Removal is who you should call. We have helped a multitude of homeowners navigate the difficult and confusing process of properly removing their old oil tank, ensuring that they are in compliance with all regulations and laws.

oil tank removal in Port Moody

Are There Benefits of Removing Oil Tanks?

There are risks to leaving an unused oil tank on your property. For example, old oil tanks have an inherent danger of leaking oil. This will leave you liable for damage and hazardous material cleanup. Aside from this inherent risk of tank failure, old oil tanks can also emit an odor of oil and be an ugly or unsightly eyesore on your lawn. These are some very good reasons why removing an old oil tank is a good idea.

Port Moody, like other cities in the area, have strict standards on oil tank removal. This means that it is no job for an amateur. Removing an old oil tank is something you should call a professional for help with. A professional, like those at CERC Oil Tank Removal, will make sure the job is properly accomplished, preventing any contamination of groundwater and soil. CERC Oil Tank Removal, a leading expert in oil tank removal in Port Moody, has extensive experience aiding homeowners in the area. We ensure that each homeowner is in compliance with all government and environmental regulations, and that their old oil tanks are properly removed.

Oil Tank Removal Port Moody

Could I Face Liabilities For My Oil Tank?

Unfortunately, you can face liabilities if you do not take care of any issues surrounding your old oil tank. It is extremely important that you consider the environmental implications and risks of keeping an old oil tank. You want to make sure you are in compliance with all government regulations and guidelines. If you fail to comply, even if you remove the oil tank, you could face high expense and costly delays.

If you are fearful that your old oil tank could cause major problems for you in the future, turn to CERC Oil Tank Removal for help. We are proud to offer years of experience and extensive knowledge surrounding proper oil tank removal. By hiring professionals like us, you will receive a range of benefits. We will help you understand your different options and ensure the right and most beneficial choices are made.

When a homeowner fails to meet the bylaws and standards of proper oil tank removal, they could face fines and even a lawsuit. To avoid costly issues like this, homeowners should never attempt to remove an old oil tank without the expert help and guidance of a professional. When you call CERC Oil Tank Removal you will receive the help you need to easily and successfully accomplish this difficult task.

What Services Does CERC Oil Tank Removal Provide?

The highly experienced crew at CERC Tank Removal is happy to offer oil tank removal services that follow the approved guidelines:

  • We will begin by fully assessing the job and developing a removal plan unique to your situation
  • We will carefully remove any old oil that is still in the tank. This is an important step to minimize the chance of an oil leak.
  • The CERC Oil Tank Removal crew will the hand-dig or machine excavate the old oil tank. They will pay close attention to any potential risks like leaks.
  • Once we have the tank above ground, our crew will take it to a facility where it will be cleaned and scrapped for metal parts.
  • The hole where the oil tank was located will be completely backfilled and compacted to ensure no sinkholes develop. We will then cover the area with new sod or other ground cover to make it appear as if nothing happened.
  • Once the job is completed, you will receive a Decommissioning Certificate as proof that your old and potentially dangerous oil tank was properly removed.

All of our services are done in compliance with all government and environment regulations and the highest standards.

It is important to remember that an oil tank removal job is no easy task and not something an inexperience homeowner should take on. Rather, call the team at CERC Oil tank Removal. We offer services at an affordable price for those who live in Port Moody. CERC can save homeowners money because we have the experience to ensure all the correct permits are acquired on time and the tank is properly disposed of. We even clean up the area after the service has been completed!

CERC Oil Tank Removal happily offers free assessments and quotes to potential customers. Call us at 604-889-0251 and ask for your free quote today! When you do, our team of experts will determine your tank’s location and give you an estimate. This information will help you make an informed decision about your best options.

CERC Oil Tank Removal is completely certified to handle any oil tank removal job. We have been a  trusted business in Port Moody and the surrounding areas for more than 24 years. Give us a quick call today to discuss removing your old oil tank quickly and affordably!

Regulations for oil tank removal

Here we have compiled links to B.C. city portal sites with information on B.C. regulations and specific city regulations for British Columbia, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, West Vancouver, and Surrey. Recommended reading. Stay informed and adhere to standards when planning for oil tank removal.