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Why Should I Remove My Old Oil Tank in Surrey


The City of Surrey has strict standards surrounding the removal of oil tanks, making it a job best left to the professionals. At CERC Oil Tank Removal, we will ensure the job is completed in accordance with city regulations while also preventing any contamination of groundwater or soil.

Excavator Removes Oil Tank Near Home in Surrey

Our company is proud to be a leading expert in oil tank removal in Surrey and has extensive experience aiding homeowners. We ensure homeowners are in complete compliance with all regulations and that each oil tank is removed correctly.


How can we help with oil tank removal services in Surrey


The Canadian Government has strict guidelines surrounding the oil tank removal process. To ensure respect for your property and protect the environment from contaminated soil, our team follows the approved and appropriate guidelines when removing an underground oil tank. Our highly trained and experienced crew at CERC Oil Tank Removal can provide professional services to properly dispose of any underground oil tanks in the most economical, environmental, and affordable way possible.

In addition to oil tank removal, we offer a variety of other services, including but not limited to:

  • Oil Tank and Soil Remediation. After an underground storage tank is removed, we will conduct soil testing of the perimeter to test for contamination. If needed, we will perform contaminated soil remediation of the surrounding soil to prevent environmental damage.
  • Water Main Replacement. Age, corrosion, damage, or inadequate capacity can all affect the proper functioning of a water main. When your existing water main is no longer capable of providing safe and reliable water services, we can dispose of and replace this system quickly and efficiently.
  • Drainage System Installation. Drainage systems direct runoff from rainfall, groundwater, and other sources away from residential neighbourhoods, commercial buildings, and agricultural areas. To manage and prevent damage, we can install a series of pipes and structures to collect, direct, and remove excess water from an area.


Oil tank removal in Surrey, BCOil Tank Removal Process – Step by Step


Step 1: Inspection and Permits

To start, our crew will assess the removal job. Before the removal process can begin, a qualified contractor needs to conduct a thorough inspection for proper oil tank detection, determine if there is a dangerous or costly environmental hazard, and obtain any necessary permits for the job.

Step 2: Drain the Tank

Next, we need to carefully remove any oil that remains in the underground oil tanks. This is an important step to minimize the chance of an oil leak.

Step 3: Excavation

Once we have successfully drained the oil stored in the tank, our team will dig up or machine excavate the tank. During this process we always pay close attention to potential problems to minimize the risk of oil leaks and contaminated soil.

Step 4: Cut and Clean the Underground Oil Tank

After we safely remove the tank, our crew will relocate it to a facility where it will be cleaned and cut up to be scrapped. This will remove any remaining oil or sludge and ensure the safe disposal of the tank.

Step 5: Site Restoration

Lastly, we will backfill the hole where the oil tank used to be, ensuring no sink holes develop. We will also sod the area or apply the desired ground cover. We will also test the surrounding soil to see if contaminated soil remediation is needed.

Each step is done in compliance with all government and environment regulations and standards. Once the is completed, you will earn a Decommissioning Certificate which serves as proof that the oil tank was properly removed.


Oil Tank Removal SurreyWhat Surrey’s Homeowners Must Know About Oil Tanks


History of Oil Tanks

Residential homes transitioned from oil to natural gas in the mid-20th century. As a result, many modern-day homeowners may be unaware that an underground storage tank is still present on their property. Without proper maintenance and removal of these tanks after 20 to 25 years – when they reach the end of their life cycle – environmental contamination can occur due to hazardous materials leaking out into soil and water sources. Should a homeowner suspect the existence of a buried oil or fuel tank on their property, it’s important they seek a professional oil tank scan. This will confirm the existence of any oil tanks and prevent the contamination of local neighbourhoods, ecosystems, and wildlife with potential hazards found within old tanks.

Liabilities For an Old Oil Tank Removal in Surrey

With age, underground oil tanks can become hazardous as their remnants can leak into the soil and impact local water sources. Homeowners must be mindful of this risk as they may be liable for pre-emptive tank removal costs plus any authorized remediation efforts needed to return the area to its natural state. Not only that, but to secure mortgages on Surrey properties with existing or former underground fuel storage, many lenders insist that such undertakings have been executed.

Can I Remove It Myself?

No, this process must be conducted by a professional to prevent contamination of the ground water and surrounding soil. Not only does professional oil tank removal protect the environment, but it also ensures safe detection, removal, and disposal to maintain the value of your property.

Best Contractor of Oil Tank Removal in Surrey

Unfortunately, you could face liability for an old oil tank if it leaks or is not properly removed. When dealing with old and unused oil tanks, it is important that you consider the environmental implications of both removing and keeping it. The experts at CERC Oil Tank Removal can survey the tank and offer informed information regarding your options. You want to make sure you comply with all government rules and guidelines, for failure to do so in Surrey can result in high expenses.

CERC Oil Tank Removal offers homeowners years of experience and understands technicalities of proper oil tank detection and removal. When you hire us, you will immediately benefit from our expertise. If a homeowner has the misfortune of failing to meet all bylaws and standards, they could face high fines and even a lawsuit! To avoid serious issues like this, homeowners should never attempt to remove their oil tank alone. Instead, get the proper help and guidance from CERC Oil Tank Removal. We are available to help you successfully complete this difficult task to eliminate unnecessary stress and expense on your part.

How Can I Remove My Oil Tank in Surrey?

CERC Workers Removes Oil Tank From Large Hole in Surrey

Properties with existing oil tanks can face serious problems should they not seek professional assistance. Not only can oil tanks leak dangerous chemicals into the soil and ground water, effecting the homeowners and other residents, but there are strict government regulations that must be abided by. If you need proper oil tank removal in Surrey, CERC Oil Tank Removal is here to help! We have helped countless homeowners navigate this difficult process to ensure no step is missed.

Removing an old oil is not a simple job. CERC offers these services at a low price for Surrey customers. Our extensive experience and knowledge allows us expedite the process, from acquiring proper permits to locating, removing, and disposing of the old, unused oil tank. This saves homeowners time and money, while preserving the value, aesthetic, and health of their property. CERC offers each client a free assessment and quote on their oil tank removal. Simply call us at 604-889-0251 and ask for a free quote today! Our team will arrive quickly to determine your tank’s exact location and begin the oil tank removal process. We will then provide you with a fair and well-founded estimate so you can make a proper and informed decision.

CERC Oil Tank Removal is fully certified to conduct oil tank removal and is a trusted business that has served Surrey and the surrounding areas for more than 24 years. We offer competitive rates and work closely with city officials and our clients throughout the process. Give us a call today and our team will remove your old oil tank quickly, safely, and efficiently!


Regulations for oil tank removal

Here we have compiled links to B.C. city portal sites with information on B.C. regulations and specific city regulations for British Columbia, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, West Vancouver, and Surrey. Recommended reading. Stay informed and adhere to standards when planning for oil tank removal.

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Client Testimonials

“I would recommend CERC’s services for tank removal in a heartbeat. The crew that came out to do the work was fantastic, courteous, professional and accommodating. They put me at ease and I felt that we had definitely made the right choice.”Judith Wong, Surrey, BC

“If you plan to sell your house and lives in an area where underground oil tank was possibly used, you MUST get an oil tank scan certificate and CERC is one of the best! We were less fortunately because they found an oil tank but was blessed because we hired them instead of a company that only do scans. (CERC is a one stop shop – scan, excavate, disposal, soil sample, remediation, etc.)The company was fast, efficient and effective and we got the problem resolved in no time! Greatly increased the sale price of the property. Thank you Dante and Fabio! You guys are awesome!”Gabriel Mak, Surrey, BC

“CERC did an excellent job at removing our tank. Their friendly crew showed up, got to work, and within no time got the job done. If you’re looking for experienced pros for the job I would highly recommend CERC.”Nima Mohseny, Surrey, BC