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Vancouver City HallIt’s crucial to make sure you’re not violating any bylaws when removing your oil tank from your property. For example, in West Vancouver there are more steps you need to follow than any other area of Vancouver.

In fact, West Vancouver requires a permit from City Hall which on its own costs hundreds of dollars whereas other areas of Greater Vancouver will issue the same permit for half the cost.

As bylaws change, the best way to go about finding out what you need to do is to call a local certified oil tank removal company and ask. They are required to make sure all the permits are valid before starting any work, and as a result they keep their finger on a pulse of local bylaw changes.

One thing that most homeowners don’t realize is that oil tank removal companies can actually save you quite a bit of cash when removing oil tank. A company like CERC has systems in place to obtain these permits quickly, and dispose of both your tank as well as any contaminated soil for far less money.

If you have a leaky oil tank (or think there may be a burred tank on your property, do give us a call at 604-889-0251 and ask for a free quote.

We can determine the location of the tank and give you a good idea of the size of a job you’ll be faced with before you make any decisions that can end up costing you far more than what you should really be paying.

For example, a 2008 article in The Province featured a homeowner who ended up suing the former owner for $160,000 because the ground was contaminated with oil. This can easily be avoided by getting rid of the oil tank before the property goes up for sale

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