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CERC Oil Tank Removal Burnaby

Should I Remove My Old Oil Tank in Burnaby?

An unused and outdated oil tank should be removed for a variety of reasons:

  • It offers an inherent danger of leaking oil, leaving the homeowner liable for any hazardous material cleanup.
  • There could be a noticeable odor of oil
  • The tank location could be used for another, better purpose
  • The tank is unsightly.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to remove an old oil tank, however none of them are as important as doing everything you can to prevent an oil leak and costly clean up.

Oil tank removal is not a job for an amateur or typical homeowner. When you decide to remove an old oil tank, it is extremely important that you call professionals for help. The team at CERC Oil Tank Removal are professional who will ensure the job is done properly, preventing an oil leak that can contamination of groundwater and surrounding soil. CERC Oil Tank Removal is a known as a leading expert in oil tank removal in Burnaby. We have been aiding homeowners for many years with this type of work and will always ensure you are in compliance with all government and environmental regulations.

Could a Burnaby Homeowner Face Liabilities For an Oil Tank?

When removing oil tanks, consider the environmental implications as well as compliance with all government regulations. Failure to do so in Burnaby can result in terrible expense and delay. All areas of Burnaby will require permits and other paperwork to be completed before your old oil tank can be properly removed. Bylaws can differ from area to area, so it is important for you to turn to the experts to ensure you follow the required and necessary steps for safely removing your old oil tank.

CERC Oil Tank Removal is proud to offer our clients years of proper oil tank removal experience. We know the “secrets” surrounding oil tank removal and can offer you many benefits from our expertise. Our team will help you understand your different removal options and help you make the right decisions. If an oil tank removal job fails to meet all bylaws and standards, the homeowner could face fines and a lawsuit! To avoid such problems, it is crucial that you do not attempt to remove an oil tank without the expert help and guidance of the team at CERC Oil Tank Removal. We are always available to help you successfully complete this difficult task with no work on your end.

Does CERC Provide Oil Tank Removal Services?

The experienced crew at CERC Tank Removal will quickly perform this task by following the approved statutes and guidelines. We will start by assessing the job site and carefully remove any reaming oil in the tank. This is important to do to minimize any chance of oil leaking into the surrounding ground. Once we have successfully accomplished this, the CERC Oil Tank Removal crew will excavate the tank. Once it is above ground, the crew will remove it to a safe storage facility where it will be scrapped for metal. The hole where the tank had been will be backfilled to remove the risk of a sink hole developing. We will also cover the recently dug area with sod or other ground covering to make it look as good as new. Each step of this process is done in compliance with all government and environment standards. By completing this process, the homeowner will earn a Decommissioning Certificate. This will serve as proof that you had the old oil tank properly removed from your property.

How Can I Have My Old Oil Tank Removed in Burnaby?

If you are ready to remove your old oil tank in Burnaby, turn to the trusted professionals at CERC Oil Tank Removal. You could face a serious issues when you have an old oil tank of your property, so it is likely you will make the decision to remove it. If you are looking for oil tank removal in Burnaby, CERC Oil Tank Removal should be your first call. Our team will help homeowners navigate the difficult process of oil tank removal, while also ensuring that they comply with all government regulations. It is important to remember that removing an oil tank is no easy job. That is why CERC Oil tank Removal offers our services to homeowners in Burnaby at affordable prices. CERC has saved homeowners money by having the knowledge to acquire the right permits quickly, as well as properly disposing of the tank.

CERC is proud to offer each client a free assessment and quote. To get yours, call us today at 604-889-0251! Our expert team will quickly find your tank, assess the job and provide you with a realistic estimate so you can make the best and most informed decision. CERC Oil Tank Removal is fully certified and can handle any oil tank removal job. We have been a trusted oil tank removal business for more than 24 years, so give us a call today and let us take care of your old oil tank!