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CERC Oil Tank Removal New Westminster

New Westminster, is the oldest city in western Canada, and is also known as the “Royal City”. To prevent the leakage of hazardous materials in this heritage-filled municipality, Advantage Waste Specialties has been servicing homes built between the 1920s and 1960s in New Westminster by removing old oil tanks on their property. CERC can help you with your underground tanks by providing the following services to all areas in New Westminster.

Our Specialities are :

  • First Rate Service
  • Oil Tank Removal
  • Oil Tank Leaks
  • Oil Tank Detection
  • Tank Decomissioning
  • Soil Samples
  • Soil Remediation

New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services offers the following advice for homeowners regarding the removal or decommissioning of underground oil storage tanks:

1. Ways to Find your Tank

Look for visual signs of a tank’s presence such as cast iron piping coming from the ground.

Hire an Oil Tank Contractor to search for the presence of an oil tank using a metal detector.

Contact New Westminster Fire and Rescue Services for information from their property database. Note that the database information may or may not be complete and does not include site plans.

2. Hire a Registered Professional Engineer and an Oil Tank Contractor

We cannot recommend a specific contractor or Registered Professional Engineer to perform the work. Please look to your Yellow Pages for this information. We would recommend you obtain at least three separate quotes and ask for references. Ensure the company you select has a business license to operate in the City of New Westminster, has WorkSafe BC coverage and has obtained the necessary Permit from the Fire Department.

3. Possible Contamination

If, when the tank is unearthed, there is soil contamination found, the Registered Professional Engineer will coordinate with the tank contractor and the Ministry of Environment for a cleanup plan.

4. Final Report

Your Registered Professional Engineer and contractor will submit a final report, with pictures, to New Westminster Fire and Rescue for storage in the property’s database.

Oil Tank Removal New Westminster

CERC offers a wide variety of services to homes and businesses including: underground tank removals, above ground tank removals, site assessments, and contaminated soil remediation.  Our experienced professionals are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for all of your environmental needs.